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Pinned topic License server not found for clearcase even after it is added

‏2013-03-06T16:20:32Z |
Hello all,

There is an issue going on with windows clearcase. I installed the clearcase and added license server on it. All startup services are running including albd server. But whenever I tried to run clearcase commands or clearcase explorer, it gives an error saying: "Unable to contact license server on host "": speficified host is not a license server."
I am not understanding why it is trying to connect it to this particuar server even though I provided the licensing server on it.

P.S: Licesning servers are ok for most of the user's computer but it is having some problem with some specific one.

Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: License server not found for clearcase even after it is added

    Could you please be more specific about your license configuration? Including:
    1) What type of licensing you're trying to set up (Rational Common Licensing or Atria Licensing, for example)?
    2) Does the license server serves other purposes?
    3) What is the exact license configuration on the working clients?
    4) What is in common between working clients that is not the same on non-working ones? This could be something as simple as a name lookup issue where the license server name resolves to one IP address in one location and to another in the second.

    Generally, that error is an Atria license error, and as long as connecting to port 371 on the server from the client works, you should be OK. However, that error also seems to indicate that the server you are hitting from the failing clients may not be the server the good clients are hitting (you would generally get a different error if that host didn't have an albd, or if the albd port was blocked)

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