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Pinned topic V7000 Storage Migration N3600 And Flash Copy Manager

‏2013-03-06T12:55:39Z |
Hi everyone

I am writing because I want to share an experience with Storwize V7000, Nseries N3600 and FCM 3.1.
The problem presented with FCM (Flash Copy Manager) when trying to back up a volume and after some workaround and labs it seems that the problem has to do with the Storage migration functionality of V7000 or all the combination of the product involved. I don’t know for sure where the problem is but I will describe what I did to solve the problem. I hope someone had a same experience or maybe The IBM labs can in light us about that.

The Case

My customer had an Nseries N3600 and now he bought Storewize V7000 and the FCM. Some physical machines had LUNs from N3600 and we decide to migrate them to V7000 with the Storage Migration Faction everything went perfect no problem came up and the system working smoothly.
After a grace period of 2 weeks since everything working fine we decide to deploy FCM with those physical machines to create backup copies.
The systems have windows 2003 sp2 x64 I install the hardware vss for v7000 and all the hotfixes need base the document. I configured the Hardware VSS and the storage (Thin provision Volumes, VSS_Free - VSS Reserved Hosts) and test it through the ibmvcfg command all working good. Next step install the FCM with the hotfix needed, the standalone configuration passed everything.

The Problem

The problem came up when I try to back up a volume it failed. I start looking for any miss configuration and everything look fine, then i got reading all the log files from the FCM, IBMVSS, and windows event viewer. I notice in the event viewer in application a warning with source IBMVSS and event ID 3007:

• The description for Event ID ( 3007 ) in Source ( IBMVSS ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event:

Next I look the IBMVSS log and at the bottom where the process stop with failed and error:

• IBMVSS: WARNING: Unable to find suitable targets for all volumes.
These is not possible because in the VSSFree Host i check the volumes and it was there mapped and waiting for use.
The next best thing I had to do is to be sure that everything is configured as they should be so I decide to bring a new created volume from the V7000 and the same pool with the others to the system and try to back up again. This time the backup completed successful.
So I asked my shelf why the backup completed successful with the new volume and the ones from the same storage but created with the storage migration wizard don’t work?
Still today I cant answer this question I don’t know where the problem is , in the migration process , that the storage I migrate the data was an NSeries, the hardware VSS who knows?

The solution

The solution it was simply I created new volumes in the same pool and map them to the system, copy the data from one volume to the other and try again to back up. Everything worked fine after that.

The Conclusion

So the conclusion is that maybe FCM or the IBMVSS have a problem with migrated volumes from other storages or only the Nseries (I don’t have test it with other storages) through the storage migration faction.
If anyone had a same experience and find a solution other mine please give a response or if it a bug or something IBM can look at his Lab.

Thanks for your time reading this.
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  • Berniebgbb
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    Re: V7000 Storage Migration N3600 And Flash Copy Manager

    ‏2013-03-07T12:06:46Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Good info to know,

    What version of Code you are running on the V7000?

    Can you expand on the migration tasks you performed so we are not making assumptions..

    1. Did you use the migration Wizard?
    2. Did you finalize the migration task?

    I may be off track, but I wonder if it related to using the migration wizard and if the "destination volume" is in "image mode"? and maybe Flashcopy is not supported on image mode volumes?

    I have not done any migrations as yet, so maybe someone else can confirm?


    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: V7000 Storage Migration N3600 And Flash Copy Manager

      ‏2013-03-07T12:45:04Z  in response to Berniebgbb
      Hi Bernie

      The V7000 Code is (build 54.7.1205100000)

      1. Yes I use the migration wizard.
      2. I did finalize the migration task. Since then everything working good. The deploy of FCM happened 2 weeks later.

      When I start using the FMC all the volumes was from pools with local mkdisk (arrays - internal disks) none of them was external storage mdisk or in image mode. I used the external virtualization only for the migration process.

      If you are familiar with FCM when you start a backup of a volume VSS is looking in the VSS_Free Host to find a suitable volume base on the capacity (same). since my source volumes came from an Nseries Storage I can only figure that has to do how both storage calculate the capacity for every lun so when I migrate the lun from N3600 the migration wizard created a new volume from my local pool base the capacity sow from the external storage. I don't know maybe I am wrong its just a theory, I cant prove it.