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Pinned topic Question about evictors and near cache

‏2013-03-05T16:02:45Z |

I have a requirements for TTL = 15 min and keep a near cache for no more then 5000 entries.

I understand that for near cache, I will need to do a client overwrite and define the either LRU or LFU evictors.

In the wxs documentation, all example with defining the client side evictors, overwrite the TTL as well:
<backingMap name="map1" ttlEvictorType="NONE" pluginCollectionRef="LRU" />

Can I have BOTH?


Mike Z
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    Re: Question about evictors and near cache


    You can have both TTL eviction and another evictor as well in your client side, or you can have TTL on your server and an LRU or LFU evictor on your client. Evictors only interact with the entries in their tier. Eviction on a client does not cause eviction on the server.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Jared Anderson