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Pinned topic SmartCloudControl Desk 7.5:Integration for Asset Load:How to stop a process

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Hi Support

This is a HOW TO question.

We are using SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5 -> Integration -> External Systems to load IT Assets into Maximo from a flat file.

We are able to use Message Reprocessing to delete or reprocess transaction messages but we would also need a way to stop the loading of IT assets at will

Is there a way to achieve this?

eg, is it ok to uncheck the "Enabled" flag as this is shown in the attachment?

Thanks in advance
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    Re: SmartCloudControl Desk 7.5:Integration for Asset Load:How to stop a process


    It depends as what point you want to stop the load.

    If the Enterprise Service is disabled this will prevent the data being loaded to the inbound queue. But if the messages are on the inbound Q - deactivating the Enterprise Service on the External System won't have an effect.

    As per your screenshot it shows that this interface is using the Sequential Queue to load the data. This mean that you can could stop the instance of the JMSQSEQCONSUMER Cron Task acting on the inbound Sequential Queue (normally JMSQSEQCONSUMER.SQIN ). If it has not run the deactivate it before it starts reading messages from the Q. If it is already running - I think your only option would be put the system in Admin Mode to stop all running Crons, then deactivate the SQIN instance before enabling admin mode again.

    If you were using the CQIN then you would have to stop the Messaging Engine in Websphere.