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Pinned topic BladeCenter H / Emulex 10GB VFA / Cisco Nexus 4001

‏2013-03-05T08:21:26Z |
Hello all,

I'm now working with IBM Blade technology for one month, so my IBM Blade knowledge is still limited.

I do have major problems with our BladeCenter H. Physical configuration is:
  • Blade HS22 in Slot 1 & 2
  • Emulex 10 GB VFA (Emulex OCm10102-N-X) cffh in each blade
  • Cisco Nexus 4001 in I/O bay 7 & 9

It looks like no network traffic is going through the Emulex NICs to the Cisco 4001 switches. In the OS of the blades (1x ESXi 5.0 and 1x Windows Server 2008R2) the Emulex NICs are shown as connected. But after 2-3 hours they get disconnected (unplugged network cable). On the Cisco 4001 the internal ports to these blades are still shown as connected. I only can "fix" this by rebooting the blades.
The next problem is, that I cannot see any network traffic going through the Emulex NICs to the Cisco 4001. On the 4001 I even cannot see any MAC addresses from the blades. Only "external" MACs are shown.
Any ideas what is going wrong? I already have updated firmware/drivers of all components with the latest versions. It looks like a configuration issue, but as I'm not a BC H expert yet ;-) I didn't find a solution.