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Pinned topic Cannot execute RFT test scripts using RQM v4.0

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I'm working with RQM v4.0 and RFT v8.2.x.x (pardon the "x" as I'm not sure if it's or and I'm having trouble executing my RFT scripts in RQM. I have the adapter set up and my RFT test scripts imported in RQM and linked to test cases in RQM. The problem is that when RQM tries to access the RFT scripts via the adapter, all test scripts fail. I'm not sure what I am missing. I have tried executing from a shared resource and locally with the same results each time. I'm not sure if the script arguments are being passed to the RFT scripts correctly. Is there an updated "How to guide" from an RFT perspective on how RQM should be able to access and run the RFT scripts? I've looked at the forums and haven't had any success finding anything indicating how the script arguments are passed from RQM to RFT to start the RFT scripts. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Cannot execute RFT test scripts using RQM v4.0


    Hi Kyle,

    Were you able to find a solution to this?