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Pinned topic Controlling DCM objects

‏2013-03-04T22:34:44Z |
Hello all -

Our group recently (~6 months) started using the DCM features to implement an automated one-way sync from Database A to Database B. This has been working great for us, and up to now we've been using the "Entire Database" transfer set. However, we're at the point now where we would like to only send objects associated w/ specific releases across. I've tried creating a custom Transfer Set, but I'm a bit lost at where to start to implement something like this. At first I thought the "release_query" setting would be what I was looking for, but nothing seems to be going into the transfer packages at all using our custom transfer set.

I should also mention that Database A is version 7.2, and Database B is version 7.1. So far we haven't run into any issues caused by version differences. Any advice here?

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