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‏2013-03-04T18:59:05Z |
I am hitting an hold problem with CC 8.0 view creation problem that works on the Server (W2K3) but it fails on the Client (W7-64).

I want to stress out that THIS IS NOT my first ClearCase installation . . . but it is my first 8.0 though ;)

NOTE1: from the Client's CLI -----IT FAILS---------

C:\>ct mkview -tag Anthony -stgloc -auto
Selected Server Storage Location "VIEWS2".
cleartool: Error: Failed to record hostname "XXXX-YYYYYYYYY" in storage directory "C:\VIEWS\EU\ColuzziA\Anthony.vws". Check that root or the ClearCase administrators group has permission to write to this directory.
cleartool: Error: Unable to create view "\\XXXX-YYYYYYYYYY\VIEWS2\EU\ColuzziA\Anthony.vws".

NOTE 2: from the Server's CLI -------IT WORKS--------

C:\>ct mkview -tag Anthony -stgloc -auto
Selected Server Storage Location "VIEWS".
Created view.
Host-local path: XXXX-YYYYYYYYY:E:\VIEWS\EU\ColuzziA\Anthony.vws
Global path: \\XXXX-YYYYYYYYY\VIEWS\EU\ColuzziA\Anthony.vws
I did add all the "normal" ClearCase Groups. When it failed I added all the others plus the single IDs from the Active Directory unsuccessfully.

Also creds, both from my PC and the server, return the same UID and GID for both Users and Groups. Is there something <incompatible> there or have I miss something in 8.0?


Client: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 SP1
Server: Windows Enterprise 2003 SP2

C:\>ct -ver
ClearCase version (Wed Dec 28 01:01:29 EST 2011) (
ClearCase version (Thu Apr 05 18:31:09 EST 2012) (
ClearCase version (Thu Jun 21 16:08:51 EST 2012) (
ClearCase version (Thu Sep 13 15:30:21 EDT 2012) (
ClearCase version (Thu Nov 29 22:26:07 EST 2012) (
@(#) MVFS version (Wed Nov 14 01:05:30 2012)
cleartool (Fri Nov 16 15:11:24 2012)
db_server (Wed Nov 21 01:26:48 2012)
VOB database schema versions: 54, 80
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    Re: ClearCase view creation

    It might be a permissions issue on your local views storage.
    Look at this page for share permissions:
    Concerning local permissions, these are the settings on my pc:

    views: full control for CC admins; list folder contents + special permissions for CC users