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Pinned topic Get operation name in JAX-WS handler

‏2013-03-04T17:58:41Z |
I’m working on a web service implementation using WSDL first approach. I have few operations (methods) defined in the web service and need to find out which operation is being invoked.

I need to access this information ( method name) inside my Logical Handler implementation class.
My implementation is as follows:

String operation = (String) context.get(MessageContext.WSDL_OPERATION);

But this always returns NULL.

My environment is as follows:
IBM® WebSphere Application Server V7 (32-bit) Version (2.0.14.WTE7070025-I20121016_1855)
Rational Software Architect for Websphere Software V8.0

Note: I have set the Jax-WS code generation version as 2.2 but my generated JAXB class has following comment.
Generated By:JAX-WS RI IBM 2.1.6 in JDK 6 (JAXB RI IBM JAXB 2.1.10 in JDK 6)

Please let me know if you see/know any issue around this and share any information/hint for accessing the web service method name inside the Logical Handler implementation.

Thanks in advance!