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Pinned topic HSISODEL - another question.

‏2013-03-04T17:48:30Z |
On TADZ 7.5 I installed fix UA64088 which added job HSISODEL to the JCLLIB for each repository. When I did all this back in June 2012 I followed all the instructions did a full rematch, backed up the database, did a HISODEL run in scan mode then did a delete run. I did this for all repositories. I thought that this was perhaps a 'one off' fix to clean up each repository but it seems that this may not be the case. When I run the job again on each repository there is more that can be tidied up. As mentioned on the other post on this forum there is no formal documentation for this utility. Has the documentation now been produced?

We have the GKB updated every month and run an inquisitor import for every lpar on every repository each month. We do not normally do a FULLREMATCH=Y run. Should we be running HSISODEL for each repository after we run the inquistor import for that repository?