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Pinned topic DB2 Tech Talk March 28: Real-World Data Warehousing for Tech Pros

‏2013-03-04T17:32:58Z |
Join us for the next DB2 for LUW Tech Talk: Real-World Data Warehousing for Tech Pros: What's Current and Where's It Going?

Data warehousing is a rapidly growing and exciting area of technology because there is more data than ever before to analyze and warehouse applications provide insightful information from all of this data.

While keeping the OLTP systems in top condition is a full time focus for many, warehousing has become a must-have skill. Through this technical webcast, you can quickly expand your level of understanding on data warehousing technologies.

Jessica Rockwood, IBM warehouse development and performance expert, will present the current technologies in warehousing and what is needed in the future. Jessica will review core principles - the why, what, and how of warehousing. Then, she’ll cover today's challenges and the new capabilities needed for warehouses of the future.

Attend this talk to expand your warehousing knowledge.


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