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Pinned topic Problem with quering Oracle

‏2013-03-04T11:32:33Z |

I have data in oracle as below.


1.1 Total Records in NPA
1.2 Records w Fac ID < 0
1.3 Records w Matching Fac ID in LOLA
1.4 Records where Fac ID not in LOLA w T/C flag
2.1 Facility Status = Removed in LOLA
2.2 Facility Type not in scope for LOLA
2.3 Non Accruing Date is Null or Invalid (not in LOLA)
2.4 Manual additions to NPA (Bulk entry; recovery only balance)
2.5 Invalid Fac IDs
4.1 Default Reasons in LOLA w default date between
4.2 Non-accrual default reason in LOLA w default date between
4.3 Non-accrual defaults in LOLA found in NPA
4.4 Fac IDs in LOLA and not in
5.1 Retail - Business Banking
5.2 Retail - DCS
5.3 Derivative Facility and only Indirect Non-Accrual Reason
5.4 O/S Codes Not in scope for NPA
5.6 Is_Non_Accruing = 'Y' and has valid Non_Accruing_Date but Is_Non_Performing = 'N' on all EOMs between
5.7 Is_Non_Performing = 'Y', and Book Balance (Principal_Amount_USDE) = 0 on all EOM positions after Default date between
5.5 Short lived defaults
5.8 Only Indirect Non Accrual reasons in LOLA

I wanted to query the data such that I can get the result like this.


Please help me if you know anything