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I have a scenario where I'm retrieving a PDF file from a FTP folder and need to return that to the user via a HTTP request. I can get the orchestration to successfully run but the PDF doesn't render in a browser. I assume it has something to do with the encoding since I'm retrieving it as binary from the FTP server but I couldn't find a solution. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: HTTP Reply with PDF content

    The browser needs to know that it is receiving pdf content.

    On the the HTTP Send Response Configure task, set the Type of Message to binary. This will change the default type of the HTTP response body from string to base64Binary.

    You also need to tell the browser to handle pdf content. Create a HTTP header name value pair. Name should be Content-type and the value should be application/pdf. If you view the httpheaders using Studio's map test mode, the output should look like: