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Pinned topic Liberty profile for Eclipse tools on RAD8.5?

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We use RAD8.5 with WAS8.5 at work, and we've been thinking about switching over to LIberty for development. To test things out, I installed the Liberty profile for Eclipse developers on my hpme machine, running Eclipse Juno. I noticed that the Eclipse tools for Liberty include a visual editor to configure the Liberty server, while on RAD all we seem to get is an XML editor on server.xml. Would you guys know if there is a step we missed, to get the same visual configuration editor on RAD that I see on Eclipse, or whether it would be safe to install the Liberty developer tools for Eclipse onto RAD 8.5, just to get that visual config editor?

Thank you!

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    Re: Liberty profile for Eclipse tools on RAD8.5?

    Hi Moises,

    The Liberty profile tools are identical in Rational Application Developer and the WebSphere Developer Tools, and the visual (form-based) configuration editor should be there. Are you sure that the Liberty profile tools were selected in the install (e.g. do you see other tools for the Liberty profile), and that the XML editor hasn't somehow been set as the default editor (e.g. try opening a server.xml from the project explorer using Open With). We might need you to open a problem report so that someone from support can work with you directly to resolve the issue.

    FWIW, you should not try to install RAD and WDT into the same IDE as there will be conflicts. RAD is a superset of WDT (with significant additional capability), so there is really no need to either.