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Pinned topic Probability for jobs to move from one machine to the other

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I am writing a code in "IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio" to sequence jobs on 2 machines (to minimize total weighted tardiness). A .mod tab has the code while the .dat tab has the data.

The 2 machine system I am trying to set up is as follows:
1. We need to sequence jobs on the 1st machine.
2. Then (after completing 1st machine), the jobs have a 10% probability of going to the second machine, and a 90% probability of leaving the system (after completing 1st machine).
3. Again, if it goes to the second machine (based on 10% probability), it has to return to the 1st machine.
4. Upon returning to the 1st machine and completing the processing(for a second time), it should leave the system.

Presently, I am coding as below, which means that it will go from machine 1 to 2 (100% prob.), and then back to machine 1 before leaving the system. The tuplet represents the Machine # and the Processing time at that machine.

<0,17>, <1,9>, <0,17> {Machine 0 represents first machine, while 1 represents second machine}.

Is there a way that I can include a probability parameter to code it as required? Please help!!!!

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    Re: Probability for jobs to move from one machine to the other


    you can write a stochastic model where you will minimize expected weighted tardiness.

    You may have a look at opl\examples\opl\models\YieldStochastic