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‏2013-03-03T09:24:18Z |
I am failing to record login process in a HTML5 technology web application. after login is finished, I get a pop-up asking for my credentials (although I've recorded login). the scan does not properly work if I type the credentials in the pop-up.
I'm using AppScan Standard V8.6.
Can anybody assist please?
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    Re: Login in HTML5

    Sounds like you have an in-session detection issue.
    That would require reviewing ESM logs.
    You should open a PMR and ask Support to assist you.
  • warrenm1
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    Re: Login in HTML5


    Also FYI the popup you get after recording the login is what Appscan will place at the bottom of the automatic formfill section for the username and password paramaeters . These values are used to identify what is a login parameter/page which is used in certian appscan tests/settings (settings like 'do not test login/logout pages', or tests like 'login enumeration'). Aside from that the values supplied are really only used/needed functionally as a part of the login sequence when the target login uses encrypted username/password values and you need to supply the unencrypted inputs to be used by those functions in the target app.

    Per the previous POST you likely have an unrelated session issue, most of these can be resolved using the techniques ins the following technote:

    If you have trouble with that open a pmr per the previous post.