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‏2013-03-03T06:40:31Z |
I have the following problem: there is an optimization problem which I solve in CP Optimizer. At the end I have the following result:
! Minimization problem - 322,369 variables, 29,390 constraints
! Problem found infeasible at the root node
! Solution status : Terminated normally, model has no solution
! Number of branches : 0
! Number of fails : 1
! Total memory usage : 367.9 Mb (302.5 Mb CP Optimizer + 65.4 Mb Concert)
! Time spent in solve : 0.73s (0.67s engine + 0.06s extraction)
! Search speed (br. / s) : 0
I can not find the eroors,please help!
MY MIP formulation is the attach file.
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    Re: find errors


    The engine indicates
    "Problem found infeasible at the root node"
    this means that your model is inconsistent.

    You might check your model and your data, there could be an inconsistency between some constraints or an error in the way you wrote your model.

    While we don't know how your model is written, I'm afraid we won't be able to help you more.