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Pinned topic How does Multi threading in Websphere Batch operate, if available

‏2013-03-02T17:53:48Z |
so here is the context,
Each read--performlogic- write transaction take along time , sequential and cannot be "chunked up"
I am dealing with a lot of records and wondering if there is a mechanism to "multi thread" in the same batch container.

For example, assuming I have the necessary resources, I want to simultaneously run , say 5 or 10 instances, of the same read--performlogic- write transaction within the same batch container or jvm.

Is this viable in Websphere 8/8.5? I cannot seem to find straightforward documentation on what is feasible. It looks to be different than PJM (as I understand it anyway) in thaa I am working on one server
Please advise
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