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Pinned topic 10Gb switch module, on firmware 6.8.10, should we upgrade?

‏2013-03-02T15:05:22Z |
We have two 10Gb switch modules in the back of our Bladecenter H chassis, they are stacked. We are currently running firmware version 6.8.10. IBM has released a bunch of firmware upgrades newer than what we are running: – released January 2013

Should upgrade to the newest version of firmware? It is always a bit tough to tell just reading through the release notes.

A related question - will there be downtime doing this upgrade considering our two switches are stacked? Our hope is we can upgrade one switch, bring it back online, and then upgrade the second one experiencing no downtime.
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    Re: 10Gb switch module, on firmware 6.8.10, should we upgrade?

    The new versions include new features, and some bug fixes. If things are working for you (none of the listed bugs are affecting you, and you don't need any of the newer features), the reasons for upgrading are not as great.

    Yes, the upgrade of the firmware requires a reboot of the switch.