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Pinned topic What is best way to test TPC alerts

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Hello Forum,

We are trying to test alerts from IBM TPC 5.1 but for most of time , we do not receive alerts from TPC into our email box. Some time it does and sometime it does not.
As per our understanding , all fabric/switch related alerts are real time ( as based on SNMP ) while storage subsystems related alerts are probe based ( they will not be triggered until we probe storage subsystems ).

Can anybody tell me what could be the best scenario/alert to test alert email notification from TPC 5.1 ? Like we disable the San switch port , but we could not find any TPC alert named as SWITCH_PORT_ERROR alert and in fact we did not receive any alert at all ...

Please guide

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: What is best way to test TPC alerts

    Storage system alerts do not need a probe to be run. For subsystems, alerts can be generated using mechanism like CIM indications from CIMOMs, and events generated from devices. A simple way to test alert might be to create alerts related to volumes like "New Volume Discovered", "Pool Available Space Change" and create a new volume on the subsystem, change volume size, etc. to trigger the alerts.

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    Re: What is best way to test TPC alerts

    Were the alerts generated at all and listed in TPC GUI under "IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center->Alerting->Alert Log"?

    If possible: Try to enter incorrect credentials for fabric cimom in TPC and run a cimom discovery, that would generate Fabric State change/Fabric to Switch change/Switch State Change/Switch Status Change offline alerts. Be sure to select Email under Triggered actions for each alert.
    Once you reenter correct credentials then again above set of alerts would be generated.