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Pinned topic windows 2008 R2 server Lockmgr settings

‏2013-03-01T22:00:31Z |
We have a windows 2008 R2 server with ClearCase
The default lockmgr settings are -a almd -f 1024 -u 1024 -q 4096 and the information states you can not go higher that 1018 for the -u option.
1. then why is the default higher?

I have read and reread:

lockmgr reference information :

So are the default setting suppose to be fix to -a almd -f 1024 -u 1018 -q 4096 ? or is this another error in the documentation.
In the book the examples are 36 vobs for windows (we have 108 vobs on this server and perhaps 50 - 100 users concurrently and in checking pids on the vob server currently there are 125 on a slow day) so if you do the math the lock manager settings do not add up.

no errors, I am just trying to figure out the best setting. If you have a windows vob server and over 100 vobs and 50 to 100 users concurrently what have you done to the settings?

thank you!
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  • brcowan
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    Re: windows 2008 R2 server Lockmgr settings

    ‏2013-03-06T22:24:35Z  in response to cody
    Well, actually... The -u limit should probably be 2048, which is the (Windows) albd child process limit. In versions before 7.0, the albd child process limit was 1024, which essentially limited the -u to just under 1024 to account for other albd child processes.

    Additionally, the -q is supposed to be 5 time the -u option since the maximum number of files "locked" in a db server transaction on Schema 53 & 54 is 5.

    -f, well, I'm pretty sure that the limit there is 1024. This effectively limits Windows VOB servers to serving about 146 Schema 54 VOBs and about 113 Schema 80 VOBs. It is possible that the -f value is also able to go higher.

    I'm verifying these -f and -u issues now. I'll update when I find something concrete.

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    • cody
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      Re: windows 2008 R2 server Lockmgr settings

      ‏2013-03-06T22:51:01Z  in response to brcowan
      Thank you Brian for replying! It is very confusing, I do not have any error I am just trying to get better performance and looking at everything. Since going to with CC/CQ UCM integration things are crawling.
      The ClearCase 7.1 Administrators Guide incorrectly states: "The –f option cannot be set higher than 1018."
      if the new limit for -u is 1024 and -q is 5 times -u, then does this look right:
      -a almd -f 1024 -u 1024 -q 5120

      why would the default set on a install be -a almd -f 1024 -u 1024 -q 4096 ?

      I appreciate your help!
      • cody
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        Re: windows 2008 R2 server Lockmgr settings

        ‏2013-03-07T14:05:12Z  in response to cody
        ops correction you did state it is now 1024 for -u, sorry.
        So this would hold true for a windows 2008 R2 VOB server for CC or would this be too much?:
        -a almd -f 1024 -u 2048 -q 10240

        would you also set the lockmgr settings for the view server to the same -a almd -f 1024 -u 2048 -q 10240?
        In all the documentation it says vob server, not view and vob servers.
        We have UCM with hundreds of projects and 5000+ views on a view server.