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Pinned topic JDBC Crawler Plugin (plugin_rdb.jar) not working

‏2013-03-01T17:26:45Z |

i am trying to join some tables of a JDBC database (mantis_bug_table with mantis_project_table of the database called mantis) to crawl them as one document. Unfortunately this doesn't work as expected and even worth, i don't get any error messages and therefore can't figure out what to do. Following my crawler_rdb_plugin.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Crawler Version="1.00">
<Server DBURL="jdbc:mysql://">
<Password Encryption="false">password</Password>
<Delimiters Use="True">
<RelationMap Root="mantis.mantis_bug_table">
<Relation Parent="mantis.mantis_bug_table" ParentAlias="T0" ParentKey="project_id" Child="mantis.mantis_project_table" ChildAlias="T1" ChildKey="id"/>

<Target TableAlias="T1">
<Field Name="name" FieldName="Projectname" Enabling="False" Searchable="True" FieldSearchable="True" IsContent="False"/>

How i already said, i dont get any feedback when i start the crawler. What i can say is, that there is no fieldname called Projectname displayed at my search results. Ofcourse i did configure the crawler plugin for the crawler and i also placed the crawler_rdb_plugin.xml in the folder master_config.

I hope you can help me out.

Thanks in advance