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Pinned topic xSeries X226 - Wont boot with 2 processors installed

‏2013-03-01T10:49:16Z |

I've got an X226 machine which has been running perfectly for years with 2 processors installed. I recently moved offices and despite transporting the machine carefully, when I went to power it up at the new location, it wouldn't start. The green power LED lights up on the front and the fans all come on at full speed but wont boot any further than that, no beep codes or output display on the monitor.

After taking out all adapter cards, ram and trying a new psu, I eventually tracked the problem down to the 2nd processor. The machine will boot fine with only one processor installed. The processors themselves are both fine, I've swapped them around and installed a spare that I had. So then I sourced a replacement system board and have installed that, flashed the latest BIOS but am still getting the same problem. Boots fine with a single processor but nothing bar full speed fans with both installed.

I've run out of ideas bar possibly the VRM and was hoping that someone might be able to offer a suggestion to diagnose further, or likely cause?

Model type : 8648-ECY
Systemboard : MSI 9151
Processors : SL8P6 x2

Kind regards