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Pinned topic Unable to apply Lable on Sybmolic files parent derectories

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Dear All,

We are using ClearCase v7.1.1.0 for our development environment in Windows. We are facing below issues.

1. We have few files in vob A, which has symbolic links to some other files in vob B. When we apply a Label to vob A with '-follow' options, it is applying labels on sybmolic link files as expected. AFter that when we set our configspec to "element * <label-name>", symbolic link files are not displaying in my view. This is because Label is not applied on symbilic link files parent directories. And the same is heppening when we apply the Label using "Apply Label Wizard" window.

2. I have a view which has config spec rules set to see only 10 vobs(we are not sure about the vob names, it is random) out of 70 vobs. Now we need to find out which are all vobs are visible(active) to my view. When we execute "cleartool lsvob" inside my view it is displaying all the vobs which are mounted. Is there any commnad to list the vobs which are visible(active) to my view based on my config spec rules.

We will be thankful if you can reply to this thread.

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to apply Lable on Sybmolic files parent derectories

    Anand69 wrote:
    > 1.
    Not sure what your question was. Your diagnostic is quite right: symlinks are strange beasts which have two 'parents' (not a dad and a mom): the directory in which the entry is the symlink, this in which lies the file referenced to. For your symlink to 'work', you need to access both.
    Applying labels will touch the one or the other, depending on the option you use (er... symlinks are not objects, unless in some cases in replicated vobs, so they don't get any label). With cross-vob symlinks, you even need to create the types in every vob (if you wish the same config spec rule to govern all the selections).

    > 2.
    The command is the UNIX 'ls' (or equivalent), with throwing the errors to /dev/null.

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    Re: Unable to apply Lable on Sybmolic files parent derectories

    Hi Anand,

    I guess you are using an admin VOB so you can't tell in which VOBs the label has been used, and that you are using a dynamic view.

    One possibility would be to use:-

    cleartool find -avobs -type f -ver "lbtype(MY_LABEL)" -print

    The downside is going to be that it is going to take some time to find all the files you've used. However, it will provide all the paths that need to be labelled.

    Another possible solution would be to use configuration records to find the information, but that assumes all the files are used in a build.