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Pinned topic Memory Issue in DB2? SQLCodes -1022 and -1042.

‏2013-02-28T21:06:09Z |
I'm looking for some advice on my best way forward to resolve a memory problem with DB2.

I'm running DB2 LUW on Windows XP SP3. I'm not completely sure which version I'm running though. I've had various versions of DB2 on this machine and ran Version 8.1 and 8.2 for quite a while. I'm pretty sure that those were NOT DB2 Express versions. Several months back, I think I installed V9.5 and I think it was DB2 Express because when I look in the package I downloaded, there's a folder named EXPC. After installing it, I believe I fired it up once or twice and had no problem with it but it will absolutely NOT start now. I think it's 9.5 because when I click on the link for the Info Center on my hard drive, it takes me to the 9.5 manuals.

When I go into Windows Services and try to launch DB2COPY1, I get an SQLCode of -1022. I looked that up and it's basically saying my memory isn't sufficient. I don't understand that since this computer has had the same amount of memory since it was built, 2 GB, and this was quite adequate every other time I launched DB2. I've never had trouble launching it before. Now, I probably have a few more processes running now than I did the last time I launched DB2 but it's still only 83. My available memory at this moment seems to be about 250000. I know that's on the low side but the other day, when I first saw this problem, I killed off all but one of my bigger processes and got available physical memory up to 1 GB and I still couldn't launch DB2. And that made no sense at all to me since the manual is clear that 512 MB should be sufficient to launch it and 1 GB is ample for most needs.

What's my best course of action? I'm thinking about increasing the memory on the computer but I don't want to start spending money if there is a better, cheaper solution.

Would reinstalling DB2 help me here? Or upgrading to the newest version of DB2 Express? I've downloaded the latest Express but I'm not sure if it is any better with memory than my apparent 9.5 copy. If it is worse, I'm not helping myself.

Can anyone remind me of the implications on my existing databases if I install 10.1 on the same machine? Will it automatically see and use the existing databases? Will I need to migrate the databases before they can be used in Version 10?

Also, is there any way to access my existing databases so that I can back them up prior to installing 10.1? Or even just export the data into ASCII, DEL, or CSV format? There is some data in that database that I'd rather not lose but since I'm not able to start DB2, I'm not sure how to get at it. I can't launch the Control Center and virtually everything I try at the command prompt returns SQLCode -1042.

I can't even find db2diag.log anywhere on my system. I don't know where that's gone. Even if it isn't logging in any great detail, it might have some useful information.
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    Re: Memory Issue in DB2? SQLCodes -1022 and -1042.

    If you install V10.1, you will have to migrate the databases before you can use them. They need to be at V9.x to do this.

    You can check your version, by opening a DB2 command window and entering "db2level".

    I believe that the db2diag.log file is located under Documents and Settings.

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    Re: Memory Issue in DB2? SQLCodes -1022 and -1042.

    > I can't even find db2diag.log anywhere on my system

    All db2diag.log messages on Windows are also posted to the Windows Event Viewer, possibly including the one indicating your DB2 version.
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    Re: Memory Issue in DB2? SQLCodes -1022 and -1042.

    Thank you both. db2level confirmed that my existing DB2 is 9.5.2.

    I tried to reinstall 9.5.2 but it complained about an exception. Sorry, I didn't write it down.

    I'm trying to install 10.1.2 now....