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Pinned topic RDP Lab 4 - Debugging IBM i programs - Permissions for STRDBGSVR

‏2013-02-28T18:45:22Z |
I am attempting to walk through "Lab 4 Exercises: Debugging IBM i programs
using the integrated IBM i debugger".

In section 4.2.2, when I attempt step 3 "Debug (Service Entry) > Set Service Entry Point", I receive an error back that the demo user account (WLAB01) is not authorized to the STRDBGSVR command. The same message is received when following the troubleshooting step on the next page. (Remote Servers > Debug > Start)
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    Re: RDP Lab 4 - Debugging IBM i programs - Permissions for STRDBGSVR

    I attempted to skip to lab #6, in step I have having a similar issue with permissions:

    Save failed. Could not create temporary member in source file /QSYS.LIB/WFLABXX.LIB/QRPGLESRC.FILE on ISERIESD.DEMOS.IBM.COM.

    /QSYS.LIB/WFLABXX.LIB/QRPGLESRC.FILE/SLTCUSTR.RPGLE could not be saved successfully because an attempt to create temporary member /QSYS.LIB/WFLABXX.LIB/QRPGLESRC.FILE/RSE7658335.RPGLE failed. Check the allow-write or allow-update flags for source file /QSYS.LIB/WFLABXX.LIB/QRPGLESRC.FILE are set to *YES. During a save, the Remote Systems LPEX Editor first creates a temporary member, uploads the changes to the temporary member and then copies the temporary member over the original member if the upload was successful. The temporary member is then deleted. If this problem persists you can change the member save behavior on the Remote Systems > IBM i > Objects Subsystem preference page and then try saving again.
    Below is the message returned from the server when attempting to run the ADDPFM command:

    No authority to objects needed for file QRPGLESRC.

    I also had a few minor issues in the first few lessons where it appeared that things had been changed by prior users -- I assume that the web form to create the lesson account runs a script that is supposed to reset the lab environment and set permissions properly -- this does not appear to be happening.