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Pinned topic Very slow external links between databases

‏2013-02-28T18:05:33Z |
Hello Doors Admin,
I have experienced external links between doors and other applications like word and excel. Today I had the dubious pleasure of using external links between DOORS databases, and found that it took about 30 seconds to fire one module from a different module in an external database. This seems ridiculously slow. Has anyone any tips on speeding up the processing of external links - I suspected the hand of an antivirus scan in this slowness, but task manager doesn't show the AV tool going nuts. Anyone got any tips for speeding external links up? Is the slow speed experienced by others? Do other people experience random link navigation failures that can be cleared by closing down the databases and opening them again. First impresssions on external links between databases are that they are rubbish and temperamental, bit like RIF!


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    Re: Very slow external links between databases

    Hi Richard,

    a similar topic was discussed in the following thread: Poor performances with DOORS URL

    Maybe this is the solution for your problem.