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‏2013-02-28T16:10:10Z |
Hello ClearCase User,

The New Feb. 18th issue of the ABS IBM Rational/CM E-Newsletter is ready to enjoy at:

Newsletter Issue #50 is full of ABS News and News from other CM or software organizations as well as technical notes. Some items of interest in this newsletter include:

* IBM offers $300 off of registration for "Innovate 2013"

- Save $300 of registration completed before March 15.

* Read about just released versions of ABS software; ClearReplica 9.4, ClearTrigger 12.7

- ClearReplica 9.4 was released on 2/13 and ClearReplica adds the often requested "replication of rmtype -lbtype" feature to its already strong feature-set.
- ClearTrigger 12.7 was just released on 2/13 to provide improvements and minor defect fixes.
- iApproveIt 1.2 was recently introduced and is free for your iPhone. Bring you Rational Tools policy to your iPhone.

* See announcements by ClearCase/CM savvy vendors like IBM, Gomidjets, ClearVision, RelaseTEAM, WANdisco, CM-Crossroads, and TimeFold.

- ABS is now a reseller of IBM Rational products and can competitively sell to both commercial and government accounts...
- GoMidgets release new version of ClearCheck (version 2.5)...

* ABS introduces the "Rational Solutions Center" for Rational Tools users. section of the ABS website contains a selection of free advise and tools that can be used to help efficiently run your IBM Rational tools infrastructure. Clear examples, answers as well as any needed source code is provided. Years of IBM Rational tool knowledge in one place. No registration required or email address to provide. Just use as our gift to you.

* Read this issue's ClearCase Tips & Tricks which include 15 of the most popular ClearCase questions and answers received this month including:

- How can I automatically make newly created elements owned the same as their parent directory?
- How can I see/prevent lost+found element before they are created with a directory uncheckout?
- What is ClearReplica and how does it compare to ClearCase Multisite?
- How can I get "True" RCS-style Keyword Substitution/Expansion for ClearCase?
- What is ClearTrigger and how can it help me create efficient ClearCase Policy to control my users?
- How can I improve performance on the Application of ClearCase Labels?

* and more...