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Pinned topic mttrapd probe for TBSM OMNIBUS V 7.1

‏2013-02-28T14:37:09Z |

I am using TBSM Version 4.2.1 with OMNIBUS version 7.1
I am not able to find out mttrapd probe setup for OMNIBUS Version 7.1

Please can somebody tell the url or location for the probe setup.
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    Re: mttrapd probe for TBSM OMNIBUS V 7.1

    omnibus 7.1 is end of life, hence you can't find any probe packed in 7.1 format.

    if you are lucky enough to have Fixpack 8 or later installed, you can follow my tip here:

    The TIP is about installing 7.3 probes into 7.2 base, but it also applies to 7.1