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I'm begining to work with PowerVM Vios and IVM,

I'm trying to configure a new Linux partition in IVM , my partition is created, storage ok and my ISO is in VMlibrary, i don't know how to mount a console to see the installation process, i haven't specified any IP when creating partition,

i regularly create new IBM i partition , in this case , there is an IP for the console and an other for exploitation,

but for my linux partition, i don't know how to join it ,

thanks in advance
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    Re: Power7 PS700 with linux

    Connect to the VIOS partition with telnet or ssh and use the mkvt command. mkvt -id XXX
    Where XXX is the partition ID of your Linux partition.

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    Re: Power7 PS700 with linux

    ok thanks a lot, i've seen the function in the IVM too !!