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Pinned topic How to unpartition server to install VIOS along with IVM?

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We have a new server that has a pre-configured system partition running AIX 6.1. We want to install VIOS along with IVM to manage our server respurces since we have PowerVM Express license.

As per the guides, it has mentioned that to use IVM, one must first install Virtual I/O Server on an unpartitioned server. Further, that VIOS partition ID should be 1.

My question is, since I already have a system partition (partition ID 1) with AIX 6.1 and all the physical resources allocated to it, how do I make the server to an unpartition one, in order to install VIOS along with IVM? Appreciate if you can provide necessary steps for this task.
Thank you in advanced.
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    Re: How to unpartition server to install VIOS along with IVM?

    As long as you have never connected an HMC or SDMC to the system, it is still considered unpartitioned. The key is that the system must not be "HMC managed" in order to use IVM. If you have ever connected an HMC or SDMC, you must reset the system to factory defaults before you can use IVM. There is an option to do that from ASMI.

    As long as the system is not HMC managed, simply boot the system with VIOS media (via optical drive or NIM) and perform the install. It will replace your existing partition 1.