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‏2013-02-28T06:41:27Z |
Actually I have problem with CX 10.1 Tm1Wb, but this in this forum I could get help faster then in CX :)

When Tm1Web is launched (even directly from IIS manager) the aspx page redirects to login page by address http://<hostname>:<port>/p2pd/servlet... and after authorization redirects back to starting address (http://localhost/tm1web, http://<hostname>/tm1web or http://FQDN/tm1web).

How to reconfigure TM1 (or maybe IIS) to redirect to http://FQDN:<port>/p2pd/servlet... not just http://hostname...?

I replaced hostname with FQDN in any file that I could find under CX installation directory, added AdminHost = FQDN in web.conf. Thats didn't helped...