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Pinned topic BDS NULL /JOBID NULL error when implement customreader

‏2013-02-28T04:20:21Z |
This appears to be a simple issue but I am unable to resolve. I have customwriter that work very well but following the same process does not work for custom writer. The errors suggest I am not getting a handle to the jobid and bds name even though I think I am getting the logical name

System.err: 02/27/13 23:04:33:619 EST CWLRB1520E: [Long Running Job Container Batch Data Stream null job uploadjob:00175] prepare for checkpoint failed: java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid parameters to CheckpointData jobId: null BDS: null stepName: uploadstep1System.err:

I am specifying the following in my initialize method in the inputstream

public void initialize(String arg0, String arg1)
throws BatchContainerDataStreamException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
logicalName = arg0;
jobstepid = arg1;
How do I implement this ?

From the documentation I think I should be implementing but not sure how or where

a. Create a Java Class that implements the interface
Batch data streams are accessed from the business logic, for example, from the batch job steps
by calling BatchDataStreamMgr with jobID and stepID. JobID and stepID are retrieved from the
step bean properties list using keys BatchConstants.JOB_ID and BatchConstants.STEP_ID.
b. Map BatchConstants.JOB_ID to