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Pinned topic Require TM1 rule/function for "Order" attribute as per hierarchical order

‏2013-02-28T00:27:29Z |
We are using TM1 10.1 as our data source and Cognos BI Report Studio 10.1.1 as our reporting tool.
Any function/rule available in TM1 to keep the proposed attribute “Order” of elements of PnL Account Hierarchy updated as per their position in the hierarchy.
Like: if hierarchy start with elements as:

Attribute Attribute
Order/Index Order/Index
PBT 1 100
EXP111 2 99
EBITB 3 98
EXP222 4 97
EBITD 5 96
…. …. ….

In PnL Reports, User is insisting to make our Cognos report irrespective of the report changes.
He wants us to display all Non-Zero elements under PBT in exactly reverse order.
We can’t only achieve this using descendant function of Cognos BI because it lists first child first so PBT will be first in the report But they want PBT as last line, exactly reverse order of what "Descendant" function lists in Cognos BI.
To reverse this, we can use Order function in Cognos BI report studio but it requires some index/order number in reference to reverse the order.

So, I am thinking of introducing such attribute linked to all PnL Accounts elements according to their position in the hierarchy.
This rule/function of TM1 should be able to change the attribute order/index if any element changes it’s position within the hierarchy.
eg. in above example, if EBITB replaces it's position with EBITD then their index should also change according to their place so I can get hierarchical order/index value from PBT to end.

Can any one suggest a solution here?

Eagerly waiting for your response.

Jimit Thaker