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Pinned topic Connect 2 switches together randomly works

‏2013-02-28T00:01:00Z |

I have been using TPM 5.1 and TPM 7.1 for a while now.
I used to be able to define 2 switches connected together in TPM 5.1 which was pretty straightforward : for example I defined port 1 on switch1 be connected to switch2 port2.

I am trying to do the same in TPM 7.1 which is kind of a burden.
I define the switches as in TPM 5.1 in the DCM. The ports are there. Then the process changes from TPM 5.1.
Now I need to click on this button "Connect switch port to another switch port" which is exactly what I am intending to do.
With this button from switch1 I select switch2 port2. The display looks fine until I press the button "Save" and the record goes away.

I tried to follow this doc
on page 49... it is not really clear.
I tried to set the ports on Trunk mode, define a similar VLAN on both switches...
It sometimes works but most of the time the record disappears when saved.

If anyone has already had this error, thanks for helping me
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    Re: Connect 2 switches together randomly works

    i executed your scenario on the latest tpm 7.2 IF2, and I'm able to reproduce the issue.Unfortunately we haven't a workaround or a quick fix.
    In any case you can open a pmr on this for a further investigation/analysis.
    Thanks Marco.