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Pinned topic Using db2ckbkp to verify backup image

‏2013-02-27T21:22:56Z |
Hi all,

We have just started to use the Symantec NetBackup agent to backup our db2 databases... when it comes time to restore I would like to be able to verify the images which are sitting on the NetBackup diskpool.

I run the bplist -C <Server> -t 18 -l -R / | more command to get a list of the backups/directories which were backed up. The problem is generally we would then run the db2ckbkp -h <path> command, however that returns and 'Invalid Path' error. (Maybe because the db2 image has been purged).

Can anyone provide me information on how I would verify a backup image which is sitting on the NetBackup diskpool?

Would I need to get the backup id from NetBackup then try the 'db2ckbkp filename' command?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Using db2ckbkp to verify backup image

    So just to clarify, I first run the bplist -C <client> -t 18 -l -R / command and get the following output from NetBackup.

    -rw-rw-r-- db2inst1 staff 137610056K Jan 23 11:31 /DB2/TESTDB/node0000/20130123113137/TESTDB.0.db2inst1.node0000.0.20130123113137.1

    This is where I run into trouble... how do we verify this image using the db2ckbkp command.

    Previously for the verification we would run something like this -

    db2ckbkp SAMPLE.0.TEST.NODE0000.CATN0000.19990817150714.001
    I haven't found anything in any documentation so I'm not even sure if it is possible to verify the backup image using db2ckbkp.
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    Re: Using db2ckbkp to verify backup image


    hi SystemAdmin,

    you can't verify the image backed up with netbackup with db2 utilities such as db2ckbkp.

    all you can do from DB2 is just list the backup history by issuing the DB2 LIST HISTORY BACKUP. from this command you can verify that the backup is success for it listed.

    You can only verify the image from netbackup using command :

    /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpverify [-l] [-p] [-pb] [-v] [-local] [-client name] [-st sched_type] [-sl sched_label] [-L output_file [-en]] [-policy name] [-s date] [-e date] [-M master_server] [-Bidfile file_name] [-pt policy_type] [-hoursago hours] [[-cn copy number] | [-primary]] [-backupid backup_id] [[-id  media_id or path] | [-stype server_type] [-dp disk_pool_name [-dv disk_volume]]] [-priority number]

    or simply execute the verify command from the Netbackup Administration GUI Console, from the Catalog tab.