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Pinned topic Invoking CICS txn using DSNACICS thru JAVA

‏2013-02-27T04:21:29Z |
Hi All,

I need help in CICS transaction management in distributed envirnment. Here below are steps i am doing now.

1. Invoking CICS txn using DSNACICS thru JAVA.
2. Used sync opt = 1 in DSNACICS so that txn is controlled at client end.
3. Link 3270 Wraaper simulate's MAP(screen)and issues LINK to CICS txn.
4. CICS txn(server end) is not taking any explicit sync point or commit, but as soon as txn completes data is commited.
5. control is not coming back to JAVA end.

We have enabled RRMS in CICS, DB2 has RRS enabled.

Do we need to recompile CICS server programs with DSNRLI ?

Please help me.