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Pinned topic The confusion on the LDAP Omnibus and SSO

‏2013-02-27T02:26:37Z |
When I add LDAP in ITNM on the TIP, the LDAP user cannot access OMNIBUS pages.
Then,I add LDAP in omnibus ,the user cannot login on to TIP, because the OMNIBUS mapping and LDAP users are the same, two of the same user on tip.
How to solve this problem,I need to add LDAP on tip ,Because I need to configure SSO.
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    Re: The confusion on the LDAP Omnibus and SSO

    If you are using LDAP solely because you want to configure SSO, it's not required. The only requirement is that you have a "common" user repository. You can use the ObjectServer as that repository. This is especially convenient as TIP is generally already configured to use the ObjectServer. So, it's only necessary to configure the "other" WebSphere to use an ObjectServer as a Federated repository.

    If you are using LDAP because that is your primary source of user authentication, then refer to the attached document. I'd recall where I got this document, and I have not used it to configure LDAP.