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‏2013-02-27T02:05:30Z |
When i create a shared processor partition using IVM in ps702 blade with vios version, I donot get the screen where I can insert the values for the virtual processor and processing units as we get in the HMC. Is it something related to the version of IVM or this feature is not available in IVM.

Thanks in advance
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    Re: IVM query

    I'm not running yet.... so can't help you there. But on other (aka older, like VIO versions the screen is there. But then again I'm not running a PS702 either.

    What firmware level is your PS702 blade ?
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    Re: IVM query

    The IVM create wizard doesn't support entering both proc units & virtual CPUs. Instead, it accepts only virtual CPUs and will default the number of proc units based on the vCPUs you select. If you're would like to change the defaults selected, once you finish creating the partition, simply go into the Properties for a partition (select the partition name hyperlink) and click on the Processing tab, and you will have full control over min/max, proc units, vprocs, etc.