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Pinned topic Edit ITIM account directly through LDAP.

‏2013-02-26T21:25:39Z |
Hi all,

Is it possible to edit directly through LDAP an ITIM account (inside ou=accounts,erglobalid=00000000000000000000,ou=myOU,dc=myDC) ?

When I try to do this, for example, edit a lotus domino account and change a telephone number through LDAP (ldapmodify) my change is undone by reconciliation, and the value goes back to the Lotus Address Book value.

I would like to do this because I already have a running LDAP integrator.

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  • HomerJSimpson
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    Re: Edit ITIM account directly through LDAP.

    you should (almost) never modify ITIM data directly in LDAP. By bypassing ITIM you will hit unexpected results.

    "is it possible?". Yes, you proved that.
    but as you also proved, you will see unexpected results.

    a reconciliation brings back the data from your endpoint and updates the data in ITIM (which is what you're seeing). So if you want this change to stick on the Notes Account you should modify the Notes account either via ITIM (in UI or using APIs) or on the endpoint (Domino) and reconcile it back into ITIM.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Edit ITIM account directly through LDAP.

    What you see is the expected behaviour.

    It is not supported to change accounts through the ldap.

    If you want to change the account from outside you will have to use the ITIM Java APIs or (on 6.0) the WS interface.


    Franz Wolfhagen