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‏2013-02-26T12:01:08Z |

I have to deploy a Siemens Fujitsu Workstation Model Celsius M720 with Tivoli PMFOSD.
The machine contents an Intel Raid C600 controller.

I found out that I have to make a Hardware configuration to make a Raid configuration
but this requires a Deployment Toolkit or Scripting Toolkit from the vendor.
Only Dell, HP or even IBM is supported.

What can I do to configure the Intel Raid from Fujitsu? The Fujitsu Deployment Toolkit was
not supportet.

Can someone help?

Thx Frank
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    Re: fujitsu raid controller

    A possible way could be to use the drivers and the configuration tools of the toolkit to
    create drivers and software modules into the product that do the needed work.
    You could create a software module for the drivers, to let the winpe recognize the controller,
    then you could create a software module at pre-os task stage, in order to configure that controller,
    using for example the executable of the toolkit that is provided for raid configuration.