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Pinned topic Getting exception while using list.contains in JSTL on WAS 7

‏2013-02-26T01:15:11Z |
Hello All,

I am getting below exception while running my application on WAS 7. Application works fine on WAS 8.5 JSPG0227E: Exception caught while translating /WEB-INF/mbo/jsps/product/productDetails.jsp: demo.jsp(321,2) --> JSPG0122E: Unable to parse EL function ${availableFunctions.contains('SAVEPRODUCT')}. at at at at

Here availableFunctions is a list which I placed in model using below code

modelAndView.addObject("availableFunctions", availFunctions);

Code in JSP:

<c:if test="${!empty availableFunctions}">
<c:if test="${availableFunctions.contains("SAVEPRODUCT")}">
<%@ include file="../common/Header.jsp"%>

If I remove contains method and use c:forEach then works fine on WAS 7 also. But I am not sure why with contains WAS 7 is throwing exception.