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‏2013-02-26T00:13:55Z |
I am new to IDA. I have designed a model with lot of tables with lot of attributes and relationships. During the presentation to my client, they are requesting that they wanted to see a condensed version of the diagram that shows only the entities with key attributes (primary and foreign key)and the relationships and they are not interested in viewing the entire structure with attribute set at this point (more like a conceptual design to understand the business rather than looking at the attributes) as this makes it very difficult for them to follow. Is there a way to get this in IDA.

I have attached a document that shows what I am trying to achieve.
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  • jyeh
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    Re: Need help with LDM to Conceptual Design

    Please try these steps and see how that work for you:

    1. Show the Properties view.
    2. Click any white space in your diagram.
    3. Select the Filters tab in the Properties view.
    4. In the 'Compartment display options' group, you will see a check box named 'Show non-key'. Deselect that. The diagram should be refreshed automatically.

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    Re: Need help with LDM to Conceptual Design

    Hello ,

    The diagram in IDA allows to filter objects displayed in diagram, for the case you mentioned, you can focus on the diagram surface and in the property view of the diagram switch to "filters" tab, and can use the "compartment display options" to control which compartment will displayed.

    Thanks .
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    Re: Need help with LDM to Conceptual Design

    Thanks a lot Jyeh and Reital. It worked like a charm.