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Pinned topic Can we use the API's which are not directly listed in the JavaDoc?

‏2013-02-25T22:29:16Z |
The following packages are not explicitly listed in the JavaDoc API, however if we dig down the package*, I am seeing the following classes.

Specifically, I would like to use these to get the High level qualifier which would be my userID.

Is this something I can use? And where can I find documentation, if any?

Code Sample:
Object[] systemReferences = PhysicalSystemRegistryFactory.getSingleton().getSystems(IPopulatorConstants.MVSFiles);
zOSSystemImageImpl = (ZOSSystemImageImpl) systemReference;
mvsFileSystem = zOSSystemImageImpl.getMVSFileSystemImpl();
EList<?> values = mvsFileSystem.eContents();
hlqImpl = (HLQImpl)object;

Thank you!