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Pinned topic CreateForm ViewOnly question

‏2013-02-25T19:05:43Z |

Been a while since we had Application2/CreateForm questions... Here's one! :)

To bring up a form that does not have an Actions button, I have been using the following for many years now:

Set appObj = CreateObject(
"ClearQuest.Application2") Set formSessionObj = appObj.GetSession(
"", CStr(userID), CStr(userPassword), CStr(dbName), CStr(dbSetName)) Set formObj = formSessionObj.CreateForm(
"User_Request", rsltSetObj.GetColumnValue(1), True)

The value True in the CreateForm call tells it to come up in View_Only mode and it works perfectly. However, there's a team here that's stuck with Perl, and they cannot get the form to display without an Actions button.

The Perl version of the last line above is:

my $formObj = $formSsessionObj->CreateForm(

The value 1 (or any other value we tried for that matter) in that call does not have the desired effect. The form invariably pops up with an Actions button. Does anyone have a workaround for this?? We're on by the way.