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‏2013-02-25T17:05:13Z |
Good Morning,

I’m working on a SamForWeb Version 7.1 Demo (on a WindowsServerStandarEdition 2008R2 Operating System), and i’m having some problems in the implementation, I need your help if some details are missing.

I’m trying to configure the Common Audit Service in my solution; but in the configuration form; I need to give the db2profile.bat file path that should be in INSTHOME/sqllib/db2profile. I’ve installed DB2 with the setup.exe (DB2 Enterprise Server Edition Versión 9.7 Fixpack 4) that is in the SamforWeb installers folder, but that instalation does not include that file. What’s the problem? Where can I find that file in order to complete the configuration task of the Common Audit Service?.