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Pinned topic RDP and WAS logs in IFS

‏2013-02-25T16:17:56Z |
I am using RDP 8.5 and use IFS to drill down to WAS log files i.e /QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V7/Express/profileRegistry/logs/manageprofiles/default_create.log. The default action "open with" opens this log file with text editor. This is an ugly way to view the log file.
Does anyone know if I can open this log file using workspace error log viewer. I tried to a new file association through preferences but it was not achieving the desired action. Websphere provides a utility called Log Viewer. Since WAS test server is integrated into RAD/RDP, isn't there anyway to invoke the log viewer within RSE?
Thanks. Tosh.