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Pinned topic is BPM fit

‏2013-02-25T09:02:11Z |
We have a requirement to develop a business process with
  • some activities majorly being form data inputs. Coach UI would suffice.
  • No of business total processes would be less than 5 each having about 15 activities.
  • Interaction with any other system would be minimal except jdbc call and maybe 1-2 web service calls.
  • Dont need to expose any process as a service or similar
  • Negligible data transformations, mediation flows
  • Some very basic rules and validations
  • less than 200 users
  • basic security and user group / profile

Major requirement is that the user should be able to modify the business process for each case/transaction/record/process. User should be able to re-align the process flow (flowchart) based on his knowledge / intelligence (human). Its like re-arranging the activities/ boxes from a web browser. This change would be applicable only for that process/case only and not for all.

Is there any feature in BPM that allows that. Or is there any IBM products that suits the requirement.