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Pinned topic Upgrade options on a Bladecenter System H with 2 HS22V

‏2013-02-24T16:06:33Z |

I have a Bladecenter System H with two blades HS22V running windows server 2008R2 in Hyper-V Cluster Failover configuration

Now i need to add more blades, my question is:

Can i add different blades like HS23 or HS23E, can they coexist with HS22V?

Where can i check if i have enhanced blowers?

Does HS22V work well with windows server 2012 Datacenter?
Thanks for the attention.
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  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: Upgrade options on a Bladecenter System H with 2 HS22V

    Dear Alexandre,

    answers available on the next pages:

    MS OS and OS Extension Information

    BladeCenter Interoperability Guide (BIG) - IBM BladeCenter

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow
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    Re: Upgrade options on a Bladecenter System H with 2 HS22V

    You can add different Blade server variants to a bladecenter chassis.

    Blade server support wihtin a chassis has to do more with the chassis architecture then side to side server modules able to ran next to each other, as well as available slots. Bladecenters can run p series blades as well, and thats a completely different architecture to x-series blades.

    As for the enhanced cooling module some BladeCenter H chassis came with it standard. Others its an option:

    P53 of the IBM BladeCenter Products and Technology Guide. SG2475323.

    Upgrades: The Enhanced Cooling Module must support the 130 W Intel processors available for the HS22, HS22V, and HX5 blade servers. The IBM BladeCenter H chassis models 8852-4Tx, 8852-91x, 8852-92x, and 8852-93x have the Enhanced Cooling Modules standard. Other BladeCenter H models support the Enhanced Cooling Module as an upgrade.
    Enhanced Cooling Module contains two blowers. Part number is 68Y6650. Compare the your blower part number to this one.