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Pinned topic Datapower - To SFTP log files to Unix file server

‏2013-02-24T13:20:10Z |

We have a custom xslt that checks monitors automatic archival of log files to Unix file server.
When there is any log file left over due to sftp failure, I need to sftp that file to a unix server using the xslt.
I am using dp:url-open to sftp the log file. When I try to sftp an xml file, I am able to do it successfully, which means the connectivity is proper. When I try to sftp the log file(which is non-xml), I get the sftp failure. Though, I encode the log file and then pass the encoded value to the url, i get sftp failure with status message "No such file". Can u please suggest on how to sftp a non-xml file like this to a unix server from DP